The Grandy Man Can

Now that the mass hysteria of the Curtis Granderson signing has died down (slightly), I figured it was time I drop my thoughts on the matter, in John Sterling style with the Grandy Man Can.

Another off-season filled with questions,
Contracts soaring through the roof,
Mets left standing lonely,
No one exciting enough to cause a stew…

The Grandy Man can,
The Grandy Man can.

I may not love the signing,
But that’s neither here nor there.
Cuz the Mets really needed players,
Lineup holes are everywhere…

The Grandy Man can.


The Grandy Man can.

Chris Young was the only present,
Sitting lonely under the tree,
Captain Wright voiced his displeasure,
And all the fans were unhappy…

The Grandy Man can,
The Grandy Man can.

The Grandy Man can,
Cuz he fills an outfield void,
And makes the fans feel good.

He has impressive power,
Is also known for his speed,
Mixes in some defense,
And really knows how to lead…

The Grandy Man can,
The Grandy Man can.

He’s not Jason Bay,
In Citi Field his skills he will display,
And make the fans feel good.

David Wright Getting Impatient .. Join The Club

“Well, for me, like most Mets fans, I’m pretty impatient,” Wright said. “That’s just me. Sandy Alderson is probably tired of hearing from me, checking in to see if there is anything I can do. Obviously, for us, the off-season has started out slow.

Good. It is good to know that Mets fans are not alone in their frustrations. When the Captain of your club makes statements like this, they have to be heard loud and clear within the organization. I get that it is still very early and very few free agents have been taken off of the market, but the fans want something, the Captain wants something, when is the front office going realize they need something to keep their fan base, and current group of players happy?


Chris Young Got WHAT?!?!?!



As Baron tweeted, he is not a full-time player. At this point of his career he brings more to the defensive side of the game then on the offensive side. We already have guys like this that are being paid way less then the $7.25 Young will be receiving.

I now fully believe that all that Alderson spews is propaganda and lies!

This is why I chose not to renew my ticket plan and why I will most likely be attending many less games this season. The Mets cannot continue to operate in this manner. When you are lacking quality starting caliber players at so many positions, handing out this amount of money to a potential platoon guy at best is absurd.


With all the talk of what the actual Mets payroll is expected to be, the Mets will be lucky enough to get a starter and a bullpen arm, let alone another outfielder, a starting shortstop and anything else, which is alot when taking a look at their needs.


No, i’m not overreacting.

Yes, I do understand what the free agent market and expectation has become in terms of salary.



The Mets sign Chris Young


Now this is the signing we have all come to know, expect and loathe from Sandy Alderson since he took over as GM of our beloved Mets.

Why not add another high strikeout guy to the team that led the league in strikeouts last year.

Chris Young, the pitcher, was a failed experiment for the most part, so I guess they figured why not try the other Chris Young.

I don’t believe this guy is an upgrade over Eric Young Jr. in the outfield and until I see an actual amount that he was given for his contract I will hold back any further ranting.

Originally posted on HardballTalk:

Jon Heyman reports that the Mets have signed outfielder Chris Young to a one-year contract, pending a physical. The deal is for $7.2 million.

This makes some sense. Young is coming off of two straight blah seasons (in 2013 he hit .200/.280/.379 with 12 homers and 10 steals). But he does have a good mix of power and speed, and if he can raise that batting average up even as high as .250 he’s not a bad value as an every day center fielder.

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Say It Ain’t So, Ruben

Ruben Tejada

Say it ain’t so Ruben!

While Ruben Tejada may have been a favorite of mine in his short tenure with the Mets (please hold your laughter), his treatment may not have been the best (hold your sarcasm), in the end it comes down to production. After a solid year and a half to start his major league career, he fell off the face of the baseball earth in 2013. He mustered a .203 batting average and looked lost and overwhelmed the majority of the time in the majors. Add to that his inability to stay healthy, show up in shape, or show up on time and the writing is all but on the wall for what was the future shortstop of the Mets, the replacement for the departed Jose Reyes.

While a move like this would make sense for a Matt Harvey, Mike Trout, or Bryce Harper, I just don’t get it with Tejada. Maybe it’s just poor representation or poor judgment, but for a player clearly in the team’s doghouse, you figured he would sit back and appease the bosses, not rustle feathers.

Brewers & Mets Fit For First



“They’ve indicated that they have extra first basemen, and we have a need,” Melvin said. “Again, its all about keeping your options open. … Nothing imminent, and I dont anticipate anything imminent. But first base is one of our needs, they have excess first basemen, so you can tie two and two together — and come up with three.”

via Corey Hart, trade with Mets among Brewers options at first base | News

Melvin is right. The Mets and Brewers each have an excess of what the other desire. However, I don’t know if a deal with the Brewers necessarily benefits the Mets. Unless a deal can be expanded to somehow have a return of Carlos Gomez, I don’t think their “excess” of outfielders should be what the Mets are targeting, even if the bait being dangled is Duda or Davis.

Based on everything being put out there, the market for Ike Davis continues to grow, for whatever reason that may be, but Alderson must be smart here. If teams are thinking that Davis is the next Chris Davis in terms of reclamation projects, then take advantage of this market, but a return of Aoki or less, is not worth it. Don’t get me wrong here. I would much rather have Aoki than Duda starting in the outfield, or Brown, or any other of our internal candidates sans Lagares, but Aoki should be a fallback option, say if plans A, B, C, D and E all fall through.

2013 AL/NL MVP’s


No surprises here. While it wouldn't have been completely shocking to see Trout come away with the AL MVP, Cabrera beat him in almost every statictical category while playing hurt and doing nothing all of September. Trout also played for a team that was under .500 and there's really no way to justify that, see A-Rod.

McCutchen may not have turned heads stats wise, but he was solid all around, on both offense and defense. He was the heart and soul of the Pirates, while leading them to their first Playoff appearance in what seemed like a century.


Three Names To Watch via New York Post

Jhonny Peralta

Team executives have met with the veteran shortstop, who has emerged as maybe the Mets’ most realistic free-agent option. But the fact Peralta served a 50-game suspension last season for his involvement in the Biogenesis scandal should serve as something of a warning flag.

Phil Hughes

The right-hander could be a perfect back-of-the-rotation type pickup as he tries to resurrect a once-promising career. Hughes is a fly-ball pitcher who certainly would embrace pitcher-friendly Citi Field.

Corey Hart

If Davis or Duda is traded, Hart would be the perfect complement for the other as part of a first-base platoon. But to get their money’s worth, the Mets would first have to be sure Hart, who underwent surgery on both knees this year and missed the entire season, also is capable of playing the outfield on a part-time basis.

via Mets looking for bargains over big names | New York Post.

Mets looking for bargains over big names via New York Post

Until the Mets add a legitimate piece to their roster this offseason, skepticism will surround general manager Sandy Alderson’s vow to spend.

One agent recently summed up the Mets over Alderson’s three-year tenure: “The thing with the Mets is they’re interested in everybody and interested in nobody.”

Alderson is on the clock to make at least a ripple, if not a splash, this winter.

Three things we learned from the GM meetings:

The Mets won’t dole out a $100 million contract

-Alderson cited “payroll concentration” as the reason the Mets will avoid chasing the highest-priced free agents. The team is expected to have a payroll around $90 million next season, but wouldn’t want nearly half that amount tied up in two players. As it stands, David Wright is scheduled to make $20 million next year. “If you want to look at the data, the way we look at data and associate winning teams with payroll concentration, you realize there are limits to how effective an overall team can be with your payroll concentrated in a small number of players,” Alderson said. “It’s not an absolute rule, but it’s a pretty clear correlation. It’s a function of how much you have to spend.”

Teams are interested in Ike Davis and Lucas Duda

-At least six teams have expressed some level of interest in one first baseman or the other, according to a club source. Davis probably has the higher trade value — he did hit 32 home runs in 2012 — and seems more likely to be dealt.

-If Duda remains, the Mets would love to bury him in the batting order and see what kind of numbers he can produce when little is expected from him. But to get Duda away from the middle of the lineup, the Mets need two decent options to complement Wright.

Bargains will be hard to find

-The fact Marlon Byrd received a two-year contract from the Phillies worth $16 million — with a vesting option for 2016 — tells you where this market is headed. Mets officials, with maybe as much as $40 million to spend, are concerned they will get priced out on players such as Curtis Granderson and Nelson Cruz — both of whom are power-hitting corner outfielders, which are at a premium this winter. The Mets began the offseason wanting a backup catcher, but that could become more of a luxury based on what it may cost just to acquire two-to-three starting position players and another pitcher.

via Mets looking for bargains over big names | New York Post.

Same song new day. Like I have been saying all along, Alderson has been in on and linked to almost every free agent available. Until we start seeing some names being signed, as Mets fans, it’s just business as usual and all smoke and mirrors to distract the fan base from a plethora of non-moves.

2013 AL/NL Cy Young Awards


Well, yeah they got this right. Unless Matt Harvey stayed healthy, I couldn't see any other ways that this was going to work out. Congrats to both of these guys and hopefully we see a Met win this award in the next 2-3 years.


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